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Stacey Recchia

Outreach Coordinator/ Managing Partner

Stacey is the outreach coordinator for WCT and the managing partner. She has worked for the past fifteen years to build public support for quality mental health care for local communities, with a focus on engaging rural communities, hospitals, public and private health professionals, schools, and local agencies. Her duties include brainstorming potential partnerships or methods for engagement with the local community, maintaining a calendar for outreach events, and working closely with community partners to plan, participate and execute various outreach events. She attends press releases and community events. She works closely with upper management and marketing professionals to strategize different ways to spread awareness about WCT while also helping our community.

Her undeniable passion for helping those in need is admirable and is a constant component in obtaining and maintaining our contracts and steady referral base.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and five children. You can often find her on the sidelines of one of her children's sporting events.

She believes the ocean is resemblance of life as the tides ebb and flow, much like life.

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